I Recycle License Plate

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a plate, if I do not live in Tennessee?

    Unfortunately not, the license plates are official plates for vehicles registered in the State of Tennessee only.

  2. Why do I have to wait on receiving my “I Recycle” plate?

    The State of Tennessee requires groups and organization to pre-sell 1,000 plates before they will go into production of the new specialty plate.

  3. How can I know how long it will take?

    Unfortunately, we can’t give you a set date. We are planning to sell 1,000 plates by July 1, 2021. According to Tennessee law we have one year from the date our plate was enacted into law to sell 1,000.

  4. Will the plates be mailed to the individuals or will they have to be picked up at our County Clerk’s office?

    You will be notified when they are ready and then they will need to be picked up at your local county clerk’s office.

  5. Will the Registration and tax stickers be mailed with the plate?

    They will be included when you turn in your current plate to your local county clerk's office. The stickers will be prorated to what has already been paid on the current plate.

  6. In some cities (ie: Memphis) there are inspection required. What do the individuals who have had a recent inspection have to do?

    Nothing. The inspection is for the vehicle and not the plate, but be sure to check with your local County Clerk’s office for any questions.

  7. The stickers are about to expire on my vehicle, should I wait for my new plate?

    No. As we already stated the stickers will be prorated on your “I Recycle” plate when you pick it up.

  8. Can you tell me why and how the $35 for the plate is distributed?

    After the cost of the plate is deducted the plate funds are distributed 50% to Project 2000, Inc., 40% to the Tennessee Arts Commission and 10% to the highway fund.

  9. Why am I making the check out to Project 2000, Inc. and how long will it be held?

    Project 2000, Inc. is coordinating the collection of names, information and money for the pre-sale of the plates. Checks will be cashed upon receipt with money held in escrow.

  10. What if 1,000 plates are not sold?

    The money will be returned to those that ordered a plate. However, we are optimistic that we will be selling more than what is required.

  11. How will the funds from the sell of the license plates be used?


    Project 2000, Inc. will:

    1. continue to educate and advocate for greater recycling participation in our state through workshops, forums, school projects and summits;
    2. create careers, employment, and jobs in the field of environmental sustainability;
    3. research, develop, manufacture, and market products made in our state from recycled materials(fiber).

Still have questions?
Please contact Project 2000, Inc.
(865) 384-8054 or IRecycleCampaign@gmail.com.


YES! I want to order my “I Recycle” License Plate


Please note: You must be a Tennessee motorist to order this license plate.

  1. Download, Print and complete Order Form. (PDF)
  2. Download the Order Form
  3. Mail the completed order form with payment to:

    Project 2000, Inc.
    PO Box 927
    Knoxville, TN 37901

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